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RULES of New Plymouth Club            

1. Name:

The name of the Club shall be the New Plymouth Club (Incorporated) hereinafter Referred to as the “Club”

2. Registered office:

The registered office of the Club shall be at 57 Gill Street New Plymouth or such other place as the Executive may determine.

3. Objects:

To conduct, administer, provide and maintain the Club’s amenities for cultural activities-promote sport and generally create a safe and friendly atmosphere, where members can meet and enjoy fellowship. It is to be accepted that the Club is primarily for the benefit and convenience of its members and that the admission of Authorised Visitors/Guest, shall be regarded as a privilege of the members of the Club, granting them, enablement to enjoy the facilities of the Club but not as a means of augmenting the revenue of the Club.

4.  Membership:

All members are governed by the rules and by laws contained in this document.


Shall be aged 12 to 14 years inclusive of age and pay the annual subscription as set at the Annual General Meeting. Must at all times be under the supervision of a legal guardian, who must be a member of the Club. Junior members cannot enter any age restricted areas, vote, or sit on any Club or Adjunct committees, and are NOT permitted to enter any Club promotional draws. Junior members are NOT permitted to sign in guests, and are NOT permitted to be in school uniform whilst in the Club.  Reciprocal visiting rights will depend on the rules of the Club they visit.


Shall be aged 15 to 17 years inclusive of age and pay the annual subscription as set at the Annual General Meeting. Rules all as above rule i.e.: (juniors), exclusive of the guardian rule.


Shall be aged 18 to 59 years inclusive of age and pay the annual subscription as set at the Annual General Meeting.


Shall be of, or over, the age of 60 years and pay the annual subscription as set at the Annual General Meeting.


Must reside over 80kms from the Club and pay the annual subscription as set at the Annual General Meeting. Country members are not permitted to vote or to sit on any Club or Adjunct committees.

Life Members.

Entitled to enjoy all the Club privileges, and are not required to pay any annual subscription fees.


If, and when appropriate, members can move to a different category of membership, and pay the subscription differential, if any.

5.  Election of Members:

Each candidate for membership shall be nominated in writing on a form provided for the purpose, by two (2) financial members of the Club. The nomination form shall include the Christian names, surname, age, residential address and occupation of the candidate, and an undertaking that he/she will abide by the rules and by laws of the Club. The candidate shall deposit, at time of nomination, such a sum as may be directed by the Executive. The name of the candidates shall, following perusal at the following monthly meeting of Executive, be then posted on the Club’s notice board for fourteen (14) clear days prior to confirmation. Any objection, by members, to candidates lodged during the period of posting shall be considered by the Executive.

6.  Subscriptions:

Shall be set as recommended by the Executive, and passed by a majority of members at the Annual General Meeting.

7.  Life Members:

The Club in Annual General Meeting, and upon recommendation by the Executive, may grant Life Membership to any member for meritorious service rendered to or on behalf of the Club. Notice of intention to recommend any member, shall be posted on the Club’s notice board for fourteen (14) clear days prior to the Annual General Meeting. The number of Life Members shall not at any time exceed two (2%) per cent of the total Club membership.

8.  Government:

Management, control, general business of the Club shall be conducted by the members of the elected Executive:

(a)  One (1) President.

(b)  One (1) Immediate Past President   Maximum term one (1) year.

(c) One (1) Vice President.

(d) A minimum of Four (4) and a maximum of Eight (8) Executive persons

Each year President, Vice President, and four (4) two year service Executive members, must retire, but shall be eligible for re-election. If the situation creates less than four (4) Executive to retire, then the extra person to retire shall be determined by lot.

Immediate Past President term is for one (1) year only after his/her successor has been elected to the chair.

If an extraordinary vacancy arises, the Executive may, at their discretion fill this position until the next election, whereby appointee will be eligible to stand for re-election, if so desired.

 Any Executive person shall be IPSO facto vacating their office:

    (a) Absent without leave from three (3) consecutive Executive meetings.

    (b) Is found to be of unsound mind or becomes bankrupt.

    (c) Resignation in writing to the Executive.

    (d) Written notice from the Executive to resign for reason they deem fit.

The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall always be held on the last Sunday in July of every year at 11am.

Any member standing for Executive must have been a Club member for two (2) years. Any member standing for position of President or Vice President must have served at least two (2) CONSECUTIVE years as an Executive of the Club.

All nominations for Executive must be on the form provided, signed by two (2) financial members and deposited with the Club Secretary fourteen (14) days immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting.

Juniors, Youth, Country members, and Staff are not eligible to stand for Executive office.

Nominations for Executive shall be displayed on Club notice boards as they come to hand.

Voting shall be conducted on the six (6) days immediately preceding the Annual General Meeting, the hours may be set from time to time by the Executive, but basically will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9am to 4pm, Thursday, Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday 12pm to 6pm.

If in some unforeseen circumstances, the President or Vice President is not available after nominations have closed, and/or the final count is announced, the position shall filled by secret ballot by the incoming Executive.

9.  Secretary:

The Executive shall employ a secretary whose duties shall be in his/hers “terms of contract” which must include, to take minutes of all Executive and general meetings and generally to confirm to such regulations as from time to time be made by the Executive, and also the requirements of the DIA. This is a salary position and remuneration will be set by the Executive.

10:  Treasurer:

The Executive shall appoint a Treasurer who is suitably qualified. The treasurer’s duties shall be as follows:   Review and finalise monthly financial reports for the Executive including financial performance as against budget and financial position.

(b) Report to the Executive on any areas of concern arising from the monthly financial reports.

(c) Prepare a draft annual budget for the forthcoming year for presentation to the Executive no later than 31 May each year. Finalise the budget following input from the Executive.

(d) Prepare year-end financial reports ready for audit and presentation to the Annual General Meeting of the NP Club.

(e) Prepare a Treasurer’s Report to accompany the Financial Reports for presentation to NP Club’s Annual General Meeting.

(F) Advise the NP Club on all financial matters brought to his/her attention, including taxation issues. Specialist advice can be sought on approval from the Executive.

(g)Nothing in this rule shall preclude the combining of the office of Treasurer with that of Secretary.

11.  Auditor:

An Auditor, who shall be a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, shall be appointed by the members at the Annual General Meeting. He/she shall not be eligible to hold any other Executive position of the NP Club, or to be a Staff member. The Executive can fill any casual vacancies.

12.  Manager:

The Executive shall employ a Manager under a very special “terms of contract”, including special attention to the day to day presentation, cleanliness and maintenance issues of the Club. He/she must follow up any contracts in place and engage firms as required for maintaining Club assets, also the engagement and dismissal of all Club employees as required, and to maintain excellent service to all members in all areas of Club activities. This is a salary position and the salary shall be set by Executive.

13.  Meetings:

(a)  The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Club premises on the last Sunday of July each year at 11am. At least fourteen (14) clear days prior, an advert shall be placed in local public newspaper, stating the meeting and agenda being put forward. A quorum is required of not less than One Hundred (100) members.

(b)  An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be held, upon a requisition in writing, specifying the objects of the required meeting, and must be signed by a minimum of One Hundred (100) financial members, or when the Executive deems fit. Either of these options must be deposited with Club Secretary, who must place an advertisement in the local public newspaper at least seven (7) clear days before the proposed meeting, stating the place, time, date and purpose (Agenda). Quorum required of One Hundred (100) financial members.

(c) All Executive meetings shall be monthly, time and place to be set by the Executive. Quorum required is to be no less than 50% of the Executive members.

(d)  At any Annual General Meeting and/or Extraordinary General Meeting, every member present and entitled to be present, with the exception of Junior, Youth, and Country members, shall be permitted to give one vote, and no more upon all questions, provided however, that in the case of equality of votes, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second and casting vote, at his/her discretion. Voting shall be in the first instance, on voices, provided however that the Chairman on his/her own volition may and/or on the application of three (3) members call for a show of hands for the vote, or for a secret ballot to determine the vote.

14. General Powers:

(a)  To lease in or out---to hire or otherwise acquire any real or personal property or rights or privileges, which the Executive may think is required for the future benefit of the Club.

(b)  To invest any monies not required for immediate use. Such investment is to be at the discretion of the Executive.  

(c) The Executive shall have the power to borrow monies up to $100,000. Any borrowings in excess of this amount will require the approval of the NP Club in General Meeting.

(d)  To make regulations and by laws for the conduct of the Club, and for the discipline required of all members.

15.  Accounts:

(a) The financial year of the Club will be from June 1st to May 31st of the following year.

(b)  The Executive must ensure that a monthly record of accounts covering all income, expenditure, assets and any liabilities are kept in the Club’s Registered Office.

(c) These accounts shall be reported to the Executive at their monthly meetings and the payment of cheques is to be signed off by any two (2) signatories from the Executive selected list.

(d)  At every Annual General Meeting the Executive must produce a report, signed off by the Club Auditor, and include an Executive statement as of the state of the Club, with all income, expenditure and balance sheets, also including a brief summary of assets and liabilities. A copy of this document must be available to any member if and as required

16.  Disputes:

Any disputes or disciplinary action required between any member, staff, or officer of the Club, must be in writing. This will in its first instance be dealt with by the disciplinary committee of the time. Their findings will be given to the full Executive committee where a final decision on any subsequent penalty, if any, shall be made.

17.  Revision of Rules:

These rules may be revised or amended by a resolution passed by a two thirds majority for the time being present and entitled to be present and to vote at any Extraordinary General Meeting of which notice specifying the intention to propose the resolution has been duly given according to the rules of the NP Club. For the purpose of confirming resolutions for the alterations of Rules, the Annual General Meetings shall be deemed to be Extraordinary General Meetings. Any such changes shall not be binding until the Secretary has registered the changes with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies.

The Executive may propose remits to amend these rules, either at an Annual General Meeting, or at a purposely called Extraordinary General Meeting.

Any two (2) eligible members may also propose remits to amend these rules, provided the proposed amendments are in writing, stating the rules to be amended, the reason for the amendments, along with their legible names, membership number, and signatures and in the hands of the Secretary no less than twenty eight (28) clear days prior to an Annual General Meeting.

Notice of all Remits shall be posted on Club’s notice board for fourteen (14) clear days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

18.  Dissolution:

The Club may be voluntary dissolved as provided by Sec. 24 of the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, as amended in 1971.Should the Club be dissolved, any monies remaining after due settlement of all just debts and the affairs of the Club, shall be handed over to some charitable institution to be determined upon by members at called Extraordinary General Meeting, or as otherwise as set out in the instrument of dissolution.

19.  Interpretation:

In the interpretation of these Rules, the decision of the Executive shall be final and binding.

BY LAWS /GUIDE LINES For the conduct of the N.P. Club.

1 -   It is the responsibility of all members to ensure that a high standard of conduct and behaviour is maintained at all times.

2 - A current membership card must be carried at all times whilst on the Club premises, or attending any Club function, and must be produced, if so requested.

3 –A reasonable standard of dress is required at all times. Bare feet, dirty work boots, tank tops or singlet’s are not acceptable within the Club.

4 – No headgear is permitted within the Club, unless dispensation is granted by the Executive, or part of women’s attire.

5 – Offensive language/actions within the Club will not be tolerated.

6 –Members who misconduct themselves or commit offences under these rules render themselves liable for expulsion on the majority decision of the Executive. Members shall have the right to appear and be heard at any meeting considering a complaint against them.

7 – Smoking is not permitted within the Club premises, other than in designated areas. This includes electronic or any similar devices.

8 – All empty jugs, glasses, bottles are to be returned to bar, and all plates, dishes, and utensils to be returned to Bistro.

9 – The Duty Manager has the full backing of the Executive to refuse service to any person on the Club premises deemed to be troublesome or intoxicated and request them to leave, or if necessary have them removed from the Club premises.

10 – Any Member, other than Junior or Youth, is permitted to sign in visitors  to the Club, however a maximum of seven (7) visitors at any one time is permitted, and Members signing in visitors, will be held responsible, and accountable for their guest’s conduct, whilst on the Club premises. Such signed in persons will be recognised as an Authorised Customer for the duration of attendance within the Club.

11 – Any visiting person found to be signed in more than three (3) times over a two (2) month period, will not be permitted entry, and will be asked to become a member of the Club.

12 – All Members are requested to respect and be friendly to all Authorised Visitors, and Authorised Customers, including those from affiliated clubs, as would be expected if visiting their Club.

13 – The Club and Management will not be held responsible, or for any liability to any loss or damage to any article of property belonging to ANY PERSON whilst on the Club premises.

14 – The Duty Manager present may, at their discretion, at any time, refuse entry to the Club premises to any person deemed to be disruptive to the Club.

15 – Off sales purchases will only be permitted upon producing a current N P Club or affiliated Club card.  Authorised Visitors and Authorised Customers not affiliated will not be able to purchase from off sales.

16—Car parking is available for N. P. Club members only, whilst attending the Club.

Car parking is not available for other purposes, i.e. shopping, business etc. Failure of Members to comply, if reported to Executive, Manager, or Duty Manager at the time, could result in disciplinary action being taken against the offending persons.

The Executive reserve the right at any time to change, update, or add to any of these by laws.

Members of the Club will be notified of any changes via. Notice Boards within Club, Newsletter and Email if applicable, within Fourteen (14) days of the said changes.

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