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Welcome to the New Plymouth Club - your perfect Kiwi Club

Nestled in the heart of the city, our club offers unparalleled views of the stunning Tasman Sea and the picturesque New Plymouth coastline. Here, you'll discover a multi-functional haven that brings the community and club members together, offering a delightful blend of entertainment, delectable food, and an array of engaging games and activities.

Located at 49-57 Gill Street, New Plymouth, our roots trace back to a momentous meeting in May 1908, chaired by the esteemed mayor of New Plymouth. Responding to the growing demand for a young men's club, the New Plymouth Club was born, evolving from a junior organization to the esteemed Taranaki Club. A historic milestone occurred in 1975 when women were warmly welcomed as full members, further enhancing our diverse and inclusive club community.

Though we faced challenges in our early days, thanks to unwavering leadership, the New Plymouth Club not only survived but thrived. Today, we proudly stand as one of the largest chartered clubs in all of New Zealand.

Over the years, the New Plymouth Club has evolved into a cherished sanctuary, offering a clean, safe, and secure environment for members to bask in fellowship and camaraderie. Families gather here, relishing the opportunity to enjoy drinks, meals, and a wide range of sporting activities - an embodiment of the modern-day club spirit.

The journey to rejuvenate our beloved club began in 2018, when the conversation sparked around making transformative changes. The dream became reality in 2023-2024, as we joyously opened the doors to a revitalised and reimagined New Plymouth Club. This incredible transformation was made possible by a dedicated team of hardworking staff and passionate individuals who embraced the vision wholeheartedly.

A special thank you to the following individuals who worked tirelessly on the project putting 1000’s of man-hours into making sure the project hit its mark. This was a huge personal undertaking and was done completely voluntarily. Without them, the club renovations just wouldn’t have happened.

So many people have worked tirelessly to get this project off the ground. We formed a Project Coordination Group made up of members from the Club and this team led by Mike Murdoch have worked so incredibly hard for hours and hours every week to keep the project on track so our first thanks go to Mike Murdoch, Evan Cottam, Mike Wesley and supported by Mark Garner. The Executive Committee who have supported this project and been brave enough to sign it all off with the member's support. The leadership team who are ensuring that the vision becomes a reality. The staff who have worked through difficult times. Our working partners who are delivering everything to the highest standards; The Marketing Consultancy, Favour the Brave Boon and Livingstones. And finally, and probably most importantly the members who have championed all the changes and continued to support the club through the changes.

Now, as you step into the all-new New Plymouth Club, you'll witness the culmination of years of effort and the embodiment of "Perfectly Kiwi." It's a place where cherished history meets modern sophistication blends seamlessly with tradition and where every member finds their home away from home.

We invite you to experience the vibrant atmosphere, the breath-taking views, and the warm camaraderie that defines the New Plymouth Club. Together, let's create unforgettable memories and celebrate the spirit of togetherness that has kept us strong for over a century.

Come, be a part of our storied past, our thrilling present, and our promising future. The New Plymouth Club welcomes you with open arms!

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