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Club Development

The New Plymouth Club is embarking on a major, multi-stage redevelopment that will benefit both the club and the community as it looks to create a vibrant and successful future.

The Club’s executive and leadership teams have spent the past four years redefining all areas of the well-known organisation and developed a plan that will see it grow, adapt and build on the strength of its 114-year history.

New Plymouth Club Past President, Ian Morris, says one of the most exciting changes comes in the form of a brand new food and beverage destination, 1908 at the Club. “What we’re looking to create with 1908 is a welcoming, multi-generational environment that serves high-quality food and drinks to its members and visitors, while enjoying one of the best views in New Plymouth. “It’s a way for us to enhance our offering to current members while developing something incredibly unique for the wider community, and new members, to enjoy.”

While honouring the Club’s history and inauguration year through its name, 1908 will carry the Club’s heritage forward through a modern, family-friendly environment offering coffee and cabinet food, brunch, lunch, dinner, cocktails, and craft beers, overlooking the club’s magnificent Tasman Sea view.

As the largest provincial Club in Aotearoa with more than 4000 members, Morris has high expectations to see that number grow into a bustling membership of all ages. “When you look at everything we offer in the one place, there really is nothing quite like it in New Plymouth. We want this to become a community hub that’s buzzing with young families, casual cafe-goers, and mates catching up for drinks, events, and celebrations.”

In addition to 1908, the club will be redeveloping the layout of its existing facilities to create a more relaxed, friendly, cohesive and functional environment. “This is a huge project for us to undertake and a testament to the committee members who have been working hard to bring it to life. We’re very excited about what it will mean for the future of the Club and our community as we look to thrive in the years to come. We look forward to sharing more of the progress with the public as things evolve.”

Work has started on the redevelopment project, with 1908 at the Club set to be finished as part of stage one, by late 2023.

Please keep an eye out for more communication regarding the redevelopment of the club.

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